Today I decided to be thankful for what I have.

I woke up to great Sunday morning, after refreshing 7 hours of sleep. I was nearly angry that we have so many things to do - for work, house keeping, shopping, dog walking, do some stuff at the town and visit friends. We also decided to do a lot of work for the week ahead. It was easy to just stay at home and do all we need - just do what needs to be done.

Recently during the week, we decided to visit food festival. I met there one of the most impressive chefs in Czech Republic, Zdenek Pohlreich. It was amazing to see your cooking idol alive in front of you :-) so my wife made a photo for me - but I wasn't able even to tell him that he's really cool guy, that inspires me a lot. I just said hello and made a picture.

After all, its almost night time, I went for 7k run and decided to enjoy it as much as I can.

To sum it all up. During the run, I did repeated to myself, how lucky I am that I can run, I can breathe, and that there is still quite a lot of nature in Prague where you can run, visit festivals or just enjoy yourself.

It sounds to me awkward, but I nearly started angry this day, but at the end, I just repeated myself, that I am thankful for my family, for my friends, the legs and arms I have. The life I live, and the food I can eat. Attitude of gratitude is the basics of positive mental attitude.

I cant remember day, when gratitude didn't worked. I know many people, who have strong sense of gratitude and they are happy. I know many normal people, who are much more happy, than super-rich managers that are unhappy, and don't have actually any gratitude. From now on, I will act with the gratitude, so the attitude of gratitude is the basic of the life success.

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